You lost me at your profile… 5 don’ts that could be damaging your personal brand

Great brands that elicit an emotional and positive response are those brands that consistently provide a memorable and authentic experience when you interact with them. Now think about your personal brand. Do you consistently provide a great experience with those that you interact with? Is there a disconnect between what you put out there online and who shows up in person?

Here are a few tips to get your online profile back on track:

1. Make sure your profile picture resembles you today and not 15 years ago!

2. On the topic of profile picture, select a picture that reflects your brand essence. If you are not a fashion trendsetter but lean towards the more conservative side, select a picture that supports this visually and authentically.

3. Please stop using “maven” “guru” “aficionado” or any other adjective that is so far reaching your audience can’t relate!  Keep it simple and be sure to include your unique value.

4. Don’t create a tagline that is confusing. For example: “writer, author, guru, speaker, change catalyst, foodie, consultant, etc.” I read this exact tagline recently and I couldn’t figure out what type of business this person was in or what his / her area of expertise really was.

5.  Don’t stray from your message. Stay on brand! Be sure your status updates and blog posts are consistently relevant to your target audience.

Do you have any don’ts you would like to share?  Would love to hear your comments!