Develop the Company You Keep

Every interaction your employees have, inside and outside the company, leaves an impression. Are they coming across as ready to do business or is their brilliance being overshadowed by a poor presence?

JMP conducts presentations and workshops on all aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication—business etiquette to video conferencing, social media to email and office dress codes—to equip your team with awareness and the tools they can use to be top notch brand ambassadors.

JMP’s Popular Topics

  • Gaining Credibility through Communications (non-verbal pitfalls, speaking out, presence, clients)
  • The Digital Dress Code (how your online presence and reputation impacts your personal brand)
  • Professional Positioning Inside and Out (business etiquette and how it extends outside the office)


Proposals are customized according to your specific requirements and goals and can be billed on a project or per diem basis.

Contact Jacqueline Peros to discuss a bespoke program for your company and learn how her delivery style and real-world examples will create a memorable learning experience.