Image Consulting

Image Consulting

Present your best self to influence a favorable opinion, be taken seriously and feel confident.

Studies have shown that most people form opinions about others within the first 7-10 seconds of meeting them, mostly based on appearance. Whether at work or a business dinner, speaking in front of an audience, networking, or traveling, it’s essential to have a refined appearance and style that is a match for your personal brand.

JMP image services for men and women are designed to evaluate and prepare you with a wardrobe that works for you and gets you further in everything you do.

Closet Shopping & Wardrobe Management

Together, we will evaluate your current wardrobe to determine if it represents the image you want to project. We’ll then eliminate pieces that no longer work and rejuvenate your wardrobe with new winning combinations.

Style Assessment

You’ll learn to identify key components of your own style to be able to determine the clothing and accessories that best suit your personality and lifestyle.

Business Travel Packing

Understand how a few basic pieces and a single color palette can eliminate wardrobe challenges when traveling. This process not only saves time by taking the thinking out of packing, but also ensures that you remain “on-brand” while en route and at your destination.


All services are billed on an hourly or project basis.

Contact Jacqueline Peros to discuss your individual needs.